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  • Visitors are encouraged to contribute their own personal views and write about personal satisfactions or dislikes.
  • Sites aim: To give future customers a preview of what they might expect shoudl they decide to buy a certain product or use a certain company, or even watch certain television shows or movies
  • Sites goal: To provide "clear, concise instructions for (just about) everything."
  • Offers staff-written, reviewed and edited step-by-step solutions.
  • Since March 2004 eHow traffic has soared from 250,000 visitors per month to over 4 million visitors per month.
March, 1999
Judy's Book
  • Social Search -- enables members to find search results relevant to them, written by people in their network whom they know.
  • TrustScore -- evaluates the quality and trustworthiness or reviews on site.
  • Publish to Blog -- Anyone with a TypePad blog can simultaneously publish a review to the site and to their personal blog.
  • Establishes an online community where people share valuable, real-life information about the best and worst services and products in their area.
  • Gives surfers the opportunity to create a lens on a topic, idea, product or cause that helps finders get unique, human perspectives instead of irrelevant search results.
October, 2005
  • Started by the same minds behind "eHow," this collaborative writing project strives to build the world's largest how-to manual.
  • Works much like Wikipedia, allowing visitors to either create a topic or edit/improve an existing page.
Janruary, 2005
  • Features articles, online courses, interactive quizzes, etc. written by paid, human "Guides" covering around 500 topics (divided into channels).

(Originally "The Mining Company")

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