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<70,000 members>

  • Uses layered subscription model – members have different options depending on their subscription level.
  • Designed to connect people under philosophy of ‘people first, business second’ to generate future business ops.
  • Site has an active amount of writing done on blogs.

<7 million members>

  • Founded Feb. 2004, by Dec. of same year, site had over one million members.
  • A valid e-mail address from 2,000+ universities and colleges makes one eligible for registration on site.
  • 20,000 accounts created daily, 1.5 million photos uploaded daily.
  • 7th most trafficked site on the web.

<27 million members>

  • Founded in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams in Mountain View, California.
  • Based on the ‘Circle of Friends’ technique for networking individuals in virtual communities and demonstrates the small world phenomenon.
  • Members are usually young adults aged 21 to 30.

<10 million members>

  • Launched in 1999.
  • Five different membership account levels ranging from free (including 95% of members) to "sponsored" or "permanent."
  • Allows paying users to "voice post."

<80 million members>

  • Founded July 2003
  • Offers an interactive network of blogs, user profiles, groups, photos and an internal e-mail system.
  • As of May 2006, world’s fifth most popular website.
  • Has 250 employees and projects a 2006 revenue of $20 million.

<16 million members>

  • Launched Jan. 2004.
  • Almost 70% of users are in Brazil, 12% in the U.S., 4.3% India, 2% Pakistan.
  • Designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships.
  • Allows for ‘communities,’ users must be invited to join the community by someone already there.

<250,000 members in 200 countries; over 1,000 external organizations hosting sub-networks>

  • Both paid and unpaid membership levels offered.
  • Designed to link business professionals.

<2 million members>

  • Designed specifically for teenagers between ages of 13 and 19.
  • Does not allow HTML.
  • When a member invites a nonmember to join they receive points. Once a certain # of points is reached, member is eligible to enter the casting call for a reality show on Tagged.

<1.2 million members>

  • Launched Nov. 2005.
  • Advertises greater customization than MySpace and ‘tagging’ support for most of its content.
  • Has notable feature of being able to upload music to the site for later playback from anywhere with an internet connection.

<40 million members>

  • Based in NYC
  • Users may customize how their Xanga looks using pre-made templates or custom HTML.
  • Offers both free and paid service.
  • Users may join a ‘blogring’ or create a new ring.

  • Membership is free
  • Registered in England & Wales
  • Designed to network with academics and researchers across continents and about content, facilitating the exchange of ideas, discussing research findings.

<300,000 members>

  • tribe = kind of topical forum
  • Originally had ‘grassroots’ approach to member-based forum monitoring; this was appealing to those who found sites like MySpace and Friendster to broad based or commercial.

<1 million members>

  • Designed for college students.
  • Has much higher presence of blogs than a similar site,
  • Contains the ‘e-marriage’ feature, constituting a virtual marriage in the digital realm of xuqa (after which both involved members must change their display names to include the others surname).
  • PROS: Free. Attractive interface, ease-of-use, supports blogging and IMs. Robust privacy options. No bandwith or hosting limits.
  • CONS: Requires users to download and install a client app. Photo albums are not very versatile. Privacy settings can’t be changed
    (List from, reviewed on 10/12/05)

<3.2 million members>

  • Combo of a social site and an instant messaging platform.
  • Adds approx. 10,000 new customers each day.
  • Works through downloaded software utilizing small user interface on desktop that presents a host of features including voice and text chatting as well as ‘Friend Tracker’ to show users if their Xfire friends are online and if so, what they are currently playing.
  • Supported by around 200 games including World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Quake 4.

<370,000 members>

  • Weblog site allows users to maintain an online journal.
  • Designed from LiveJournal server code, often labeled as the “Gothic LiveJournal.”
  • In order to sign-up, users have to either pay for an account or obtain an invite code from an existing user.
Varsity World
  • Founded in 1999, site has relationships with over 2,500 high schools.
  • Anchored by user-created videos.
  • Teens interact on site via blogs, IMs, video chat and message boards.
  • Teens can also upload photos and videos, customize their user pages, link to their favorite user created videos and play interactive games.

>>statistics as of August 2006


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