COM 429:   Digital Media & Distributed Society
Spring 2007

T/TH  12:30-1:45 p.m. | LAU 121 & various dining establishments

Professor: Brian Carroll
Office: LAU 100
Office hours:
MWF 1-3; Thurs. 2-4 | by appt. | drop-ins welcome
berry phone: 368-6944
email: bc at
on the Web:
bc's blog: Wandering Rocks

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Note: This page will change; please refer to it frequently. Do not merely print it out the first week of class.

Assignments & Resources
Week 1
Jan. 10-12

Introductions, syllabus, key course concepts

Setting up a blog | Where to meet

Man & Machine

Read: Course outline and syllabus

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Begin reading Mashable

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Week 2
Jan. 15-19
Discuss research and set up Social Capital

What is "community"? How do we define it?

No class Tuesday (BC in Germany)
Class Thursday at the Bean(e)ry in Krannert

Read: Social Capital (Lin), Part I

Week 3
Jan. 22-26
T: Social Capital, Part I (quiz Tuesday on part 1)
TH: Special Guest -- Robert Swarthout,

Class Tuesday @ Moe's, 110 Shorter Avenue
Class Thursday @ Bean(e)ry

Read: Social Capital (Lin), Part I

Due Wednesday at 5pm: first blogpost (and URL to the prof.)

Week 4
Jan. 29-Feb. 2
T: Social Capital, Parts II & III (quiz)
(Jessie & Amber, co-leading discussion)
Privacy, Trust and Reputation

Class Tuesday @ Bean(e)ry
Class Thursday @ LAU 116

Read: Social Capital, Parts II & III

Surf: MTV's Laguna Beach |

Week 5
Feb. 5-9
T: Emergence (Ross & Ashley, co-leading)
Meet at Bella Roma (I'll call ahead)
Privacy, Trust and Reputation (LAU 116)
Read: Emergence (Johnson), pps 1-129; NY Times article on social networking etiquette; using blogs to counter rumor; social networking in business; Privacy reading; Warren & Brandeis on privacy (For Times articles, access through Lexis Nexis Academic)
Surf: | | | | | Crowdsourcing blog | GetaFirstLife
Due: Monday by 5 p.m., research proposals on your blogs
Week 6
Feb. 12-16
T: Emergence II (Katie & Nicole co-leading)
Meet in the Bean(e)ry
Privacy and Trust, part II (LAU 116)
Read: Emergence, pps 130-234
Due: Wednesday by 5 p.m., 2d round of research proposals on your blogs (for those I've requested)
Surf: (senior cits); Prospero Technologies; Groupee

Week 7
Feb. 19-23

T: No class
TH: The Long Tail (Liz & Amanda co-leading) >
Meet in the Gameroom in Krannert
Read: The Long Tail (Anderson), pps 1-124
eBay's Community Values
Week 8
Feb. 26-Mar. 2
T: No class (BC at Poynter Institute in Tampa)
TH: The Long Tail II (Elizabeth & Tara co-leading); Meet in the Science Building outside "classroom"

Read:The Long Tail (Anderson), pps 125-226

Week 9
Mar. 5-9
T: The Well (virtual community's beginnings); short history of The Well
TH: "Me" Media and Web 2.0 (Celia & Callie co-leading)
Read: "Me" Media, New Yorker (sent to you via email); "The Hit Factory" from Wired magazine; two Chronicle of Higher Education readings
Due: Monday by 5 p.m., 2d definition of community, posted to your blogs

Surf: | What's next in Web 2.0?

Week 10
Mar. 19-23

Meet Tuesday in LAU 116

Read: Research prism

Due: Notes/journal of MySpace exploration (TUE)

Week 11
Mar. 26-30

FaceBook (Meet in LAU 116)
Ashley's prism | Elizabeth's prism

No class Thursday (BC in Austin, Texas)

Read: Stutzman I & II for Tuesday

Surf: |

Due: Notes/journal of FaceBook exploration and "how to fix MySpace" on blogs (TUE)

Week 12
April 2-6
SecondLife (meet at Schroeder's Martha Berry, Tuesday; meet in LAU 116 on Thursday)

Read: Two short articles from the WSJ for Tuesday
Surf: Habbo Hotel | Runescape | World of Warcraft | Puzzle Pirates

Due: Notes/journal of SecondLife exploration (TUE)

Week 13
April 9-13

Research Presentations in LAU 116

Mobile social networking sites: Zannel | VelvetPuffin | Mbuzzy | Mywaves | Mobango

Tuesday: Liz | Tara | Amanda
Nicole | Amber | Celia, part 1
Weeks 14
April 16-20

Research Presentations in LAU 116

NBC Social Networking
Offline v. Online?

MySpace's choice of ads?

Tuesday: Celia, part 2 | Ross | Elizabeth | Katie
Ashley | Jessie | Callie

Week 15
April 23-27

Meet Tuesday at Schroeders
Thursday: last day of class

Tuesday: Wrapping it up | Course evals
Due Thursday: one last blog post

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Tech Crunch


Social Networks

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Wikipedia's list of social networking sites

Wikipedia's list of social networking researchers

Wikipedia's list of network theory topics

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